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New Microwallet Coinpot

For me coinpot is the best micro web wallet why? Because as of now i never encounter any issues its paying. actually coinpot added 2 more coins  Bitcoin Cash & DASH so all in all there are 5 coins supported BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, & DOGE you can mine this 5 coins using only your browser your earnings depends on specs of your CPU higher CPU usage higher earnings with 8 Threads. The site also added a new features you can now convert this 5 coins alternate
ex: BTC to BCH or BCH to BTC something like that you can send your earnings through this 4 web wallets XAPO, COINBASE, SPECTROCOIN, MELLOW ADS, with no fees thats why  i prefer to used coinpot than Faucethub.


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